Meet Ziona Chana. He is head of the world’s largest family and says he’s “blessed” to have 39 wives.  He also has 94 children, 14-daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren.

They all live in a 100-room, four-story home in the hills of Baktwang village in the Indian state of Mizoram, where the wives sleep in giant communal dormitories.

The family manages to stay is organized thanks to almost military discipline, with the oldest wife Zathiangi organizing her fellow partners to perform household chores such as cleaning, washing and preparing meals.

In one evening, they often pluck 30 chickens, peel 132 pounds of potatoes, and boil up to 220 pounds of rice.

Ziona Chana is the leader of a sect that allows men to take as many wives as they want.

Why anyone would want to do this is beyond me.  A typical night around the Chana household probably looks something like the video below…oh, and there are more pictures down there too.