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How do you blow away competition like CafePress and ArtsCafe?  Instead of just letting users print custom t-shirts for profit, you launch custom embroidery.


That’s just what Zazzle is now offering.

The process for creating an embroidered item is a little more complicated than for a standard Zazzle order. After selecting an appropriate, non-copyrighted logo or design, users upload their image to Zazzle’s website and choose how big they want it to be on their item.

Zazzle then digitizes the image and converts it to a format that’s compatible with their automated sewing machines.  They use a computerized system to do about 70 percent of the work.  Then they pass the files on to a team of humans who manually ensure that every design accurately reflects the image that was uploaded.

Pair this up with the Zazzle store builder, and this could be a powerful combination.

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