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As you may recall, Yahoo Search Marketing has been catching some flak for messing with advertisers’ campaigns in an attempt to “self-optimize” them (read: spend more of your money without telling you).

Yahoo has now attempted to defend their position on this – if you could call it that.

According to Yahoo, their intention was to “make our small- to mid-sized advertisers more successful,” and “raise the performance of accounts that are experiencing issues like low-quality quality scores, low lead volume or low click-through rates.”

For the newer advertiser, this might be a good thing.  For those who know what they’re doing, however, it has left them understandably upset.


Once Yahoo identifies an account that it thinks will benefit from their “optimization,” it will actually go in and create new ads for existing ad groups, including multiple ads which it will test against each other. Yahoo will also add keywords that it believes will drive more targeted traffic.  Hey, thanks Yahoo!

Yahoo does state that it will notify advertisers of any changes within 24 hours, and the changes can be reversed.  Still, several advertisers have claimed they were not notified, or that they were notified several weeks later, only after a client’s budget was already spent on these new ads.

Many advertisers also claim that new ads that are written are done so very poorly, and that new keywords added were not relevant.

If you’re looking for mindless advertising on auto-pilot, then by all means, give this a shot.  I, for one, like to know what’s happening BEFORE it happens and what I’m spending BEFORE I spend it.

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