Think that smoking toddler was shocking?

Wait until you get a load of this kid swigging a beer at a recent Philadelphia Phillies game.

The Associated Press has this to say on the matter…

A video is making the rounds online that appears to show a little boy drinking from a beer bottle at a Philadelphia Phillies game.

The five-second snippet captured the towheaded tot swigging in the stands at Sunday’s Phillies-Padres game. In the fuzzy video, it’s not clear whether the bottle is full or empty.

Either way, many Phillies fans see it as another black eye to the city and the team.

In April, an intoxicated New Jersey man vomited on an 11-year-old girl. In May, a police officer Tasered a teenage fan who ran onto the field at Citizens Bank Park.

Phillies spokeswoman Bonnie Clark says the team hasn’t been able to identify the boy or the adults near him.

She says it appears to be “a very brief event, probably involving an empty bottle.”

Chug, kid, chug!

Check out the video below…

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