whoopi-slams-kate-gosselinWhoopi Goldberg grilled Kate Gosselin regarding recent events which led to police being summoned to the Gosselin home. A fierce debate followed, with Whoopi slamming Kate for her decision to visit on Jon’s designated custody day.

Gosselin was filling in as a guest co-host on show last week while Elisabeth Hasselbeck is out on maternity leave.

Bill Geddie, co-executive producer of the show, stated that he considered two factors when choosing celebrity co-hosts for the empty seat: 1) they needed to be women currently making headlines or women who were fairly conservative (who could fill the right-leaning gap while Hasselbeck was on hiatus).

He also gave each co-host a 2-day block to give them an opportunity to get comfortable in the role.

“When you plop down with Kate Gosselin, you can’t just move on to Obama’s health-care reform,” he said. “You have to say, ‘Okay, let’s talk about you a little bit.’ But that doesn’t really give her the opportunity to be a co-host. By the time we get to the second day, though, then she gets to be a co-host.”

Check out the Whoopi Kate Gosselin video below:

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