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It seemed like the domain auction that would never end.  Finally, it has.

Judge Brendan Shannon of the United States Bankruptcy Court District of Delaware has signed off on the Toys R Us purchase of toys.com for $5.1 million.


The domain name was auctioned last Friday (again) as a part of the continuing saga of an auction held back in February.  In that first auction, Faculty Lounge Partners bought the domain for $1.25 million.

Domain trivia: Toys R Us was present at the first auction, but it wouldn’t go higher than the $1.25 million Faculty Lounge Partners was offering.  Instead, it bought various assets of eToys including eToys.com.

The domains were auctioned away after The Parent Company, the parent company of eToys, filed for bankruptcy back in December.

So, what are you waiting for?  There is BIG money to be made in the domain trading market.

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