Tornado Outbreak April 14 2012Baseball-sized hail shattered windows and tore the siding from residences in northeast Nebraska and at least three possible tornadoes hit central Oklahoma on Saturday in what forecasters warned could be a day of “life-threatening” storms in the nation’s midsection.

Several tornadoes have also been reported in Kansas and Iowa, with at least one possibly hitting a hospital in Creston, Iowa.

A tornado was spotted in Langley, Kan., Saturday evening, as National Weather Service tornado warnings were in effect in parts of Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

The Weather Channel reported that 40 tornadoes were reported before 7:30 p.m. EDT.

“What is now under way is potentially a very serious situation,” Bill Bunting, chief of operations for the Storm Prediction Center said. Officials warned that other areas at risk were parts of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Texas were at risk.

The last time the National Weather Service issued such a high-risk warning was last April, Bunting said.

See footage from tonight’s tornadoes in Kansas below.