Top 10 Best Desk/Table Fans & Small Floor Fans Reviews

There are many types of table fans on the market today, each doing something specific the user might be looking for. From desk fans that can be safe and used by a child to some that can cool off a living room, table fans are used in households, offices, car shops, and laundromats.

One key to using this type of fan is its convenience; they can moved from room to room without taking up much space at all.Since each fan is unique in its specific features, the consumer can purchase one that meets specific needs. For example, there are some that oscillate on a stand from left to right and back again, blowing air in a sweeping motion that can cool an entire room. Others have vents that rotate up and down, distributing the cool air in a more specific area.

When searching for the best deskĀ fan, some features to look for would be style, color, performance, shape, speed, and price. Shopping around and physically trying out the product to be purchased is the best bet to finding the perfect fit for any space.

A style feature for table fans would be what is called the metal cage. Many have a plastic or metal covering that goes around the blade, ensuring safety for the owner. Most see this as an eyesore, for it is hard to properly match that style to any decor. However, it still is able to properly cool a room and is safe to use around small children and animals alike. Newer designs of the 21st century have actually done away with the metal cage and chosen a more sophisticated look. These have no front covering at all, and instead of blades, they have an air multiplier that pulls in air and amplifies it by roughly 15 times.Another feature would be performance and speed. Most come with the simple settings of low, medium, and high. However, there are some that have one setting, a feature that is extremely convenient for big rooms with low air circulation. With smaller rooms, one that has a setting of high and low would be perfect. If the room was stuffy, the high speed could be used to get rid of it and the low feature could be used in order to keep that stuffiness at bay.

The shape of a table fan can be seen as a convenient feature or a style feature. If the consumer needs a fan that is not noticeable to visitors, than one that oscillates may not be the best one. However, a personal fan that has a square and wall mountable option would be. In this specific case, style and convenience were easily matched with one specific product.Price, in any consumers view, is always a factor. The best product for the right price is usually what can make or break a sale. Comparing products via online sites as well as in-store models can do a world of good when purchasing a possibly expensive product.

Top Best Desk Fans/Table Fans

Looking for the ideal small desk or table fans for your small room or office?

Desk Fans/Table Fans Reviews

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