Teacher Slaps 5 Year Old Girl 70 TimesHere’s a woman we’d love to get alone in a room for 5 minutes. This is pretty disturbing, folks.

A female kindergarten teacher in northern China’s Shanxi Province has been detained by authorities after she was caught on surveillance video smacking children around, according to local authorities.

Li Zhuqing, who slapped a five-year-old girl in the face along with other kids at the Sky Montessori Kindergarten in Yingze District of the capital Taiyuan, has been placed under a 15-day administrative detention, said a spokesman with the district.

Plain and simple…this woman should be locked up and never allowed near children ever again.  If she has kids of her own, they need to be taken away immediately.  There is no excuse for this type of behavior in the world.

Check out her horrific actions below.

CAUTION: Disturbing…