The Oregon Tea Party group has learned the hard way that you don’t mess with Anonymous, the infamous /b/ board on 4chan.

Even the mere mention of the group can cause problems for some, although, as dedicated Anonymi will point out, Rule 1 and Rule 2 only apply in the event of a raid.

As it turns out, the magnet above was spotted by a teen on the refrigerator of some conservative parents in Oregon and, once recognized, cause a firestorm of fury.  The slogan goes:

“We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget. Expect us.”

You see, the Oregon group was using the notorious slogan for their own political purposes, as seen here.

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When contacted about the origins of the slogan they were using, one Geoffrey Ludt confirmed that the Oregon Tea Party group was, in fact, distributing this material, as seen below.  He does admit, however, that the author of the verbiage is anonymous, or more correctly, Anonymous.


Possibly, even more disturbing is the fact that several soccer moms seems to be touting the slogan around at a local tea Party rally, as seen below.


As you might expect, once word of this got out, the Facebook page of the Oregon Tea Party was summarily obliterated with spam and DESU DESU DESU.


The Oregon Tea Party eventually conceded, stating that they will not be using the slogan any more. They say that they “appreciate [Anonymous’] resources” and that they also “admire [their] tactics.”

This whole fiasco did spawn some fairly entertaining meme-related parodies on the original Oregon Tea Party poster.  You can check those out below.