Max Rice Fox and Friends

“‘Sup?” asked Max Rice, supposedly an unemployed college grad, as he began his interview this morning with Fox & FriendsGretchen Carlson.

Carlson introduced Rice by saying he was forced to move back in with his parents after graduating.

The exchange went downhill from there, as Rice addressed Carlson by saying, “Hello, Miss USA! It’s an honor.”

Carlson quickly pointed out that she had actually been named Miss America.

Miss Universe, in my book,” Rice said.

The young man went on to say that he had previously been a huge Obama supporter and had “met him in third grade.” He added that he switched his allegiance to Romney because he lost a basketball bet.

“Are you being serious about this interview or not?” Carlson asked, adding that she was ready to wrap things up because she was “not sure that you’re ready for prime time.”

It turns out that Max Rice is a stand-up comedian out of Austin, Texas, and this appears to have been his crack at hitting the big time.

Check out the awkward exchange below.