boyzone-stephen-gatelyBoyzone singer Stephen Gately died in his sleep after choking on his own vomit, reports indicated on Monday.

Gately’s partner Andy Cowles found his body in a crouched position at their vacation home in Spain on Saturday, October 10th, following a night on the town.

A friend of the family has said, “The family has been told the most likely scenario is Stephen had a bit too much to drink, vomited in his sleep and choked. It was a terrible accident.”

Another source says, “Andy said he screamed, ‘Wake up! Wake up!’ at him. He also tried mouth to-mouth resuscitation.

“But doctors later confirmed Stephen’s lungs had filled with fluid. There was nothing Andy could have done. He’d drowned and asphyxiated.”

After trying to revive Stephen Gately, Andy, 31, then called for help from a neighbor’s house.

Authorities arrived on the scene that afternoon and said that the 33-year-old star’s passing was a “mystery” but ruled out foul play.

A police source said, “Stephen was discovered in a strange position. He was squatting down on the sofa almost in a praying position.

“At the moment all we know is Stephen Gately is dead and he was found on a sofa at an apartment in Port d’Andratx on Saturday.

“The rest is a mystery. There were no signs of violence or evidence of suicide or any obvious evidence pointing to another probable cause of death, like drug use. But we’re unable to shed any light on what’s happened until after a post mortem.”

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