Kim Kardashian Texting

Twitter madness is getting out of hand.

Last month, we reported that Kim Kardashian was using a company called Sponsored Tweets to make a little extra cash on Twitter.  Sponsored Tweets basically takes a look at how many Twitter followers you have, then pays you to let advertisers push their products through your feed.

Kardashian, who has over 2 million Twitter followers, gets up to $10,000 per tweet for pushing products like Reebok Easytone shoes.

Well, $10K is nothing, says Ted Murphy of Izea, the company that owns Sponsored Tweets:

“It has already been topped. We did a $20,000 tweet recently. I can’t say who it was, but the price all came down to the reach of the individual, the match with the adveritser, and what they were looking for. It was actually an incredible value for the avertiser, since the net cost per click came out to less than $.50 per click.”

OMG! What?? A $20,000 tweet?  This must have been a Miley Cyrus or Ashton Kutcher-type celebrity who has more followers than there are stars in the universe.

Still, $20,000 a tweet is a lot of coin.  Do you think it will be very long before we see the $100,000 tweet?

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