Let’s face it.  Sometimes, Clickbank sales letters just aren’t that good.

Sometimes, you would rather do your own pre-selling and then link directly to the “Buy Now” page instead of linking someone else’s crappy sales page.

Well, you can.  It just isn’t publicized all that much.

If you haven’t yet invested in a proper affiliate link cloaker like WP Affiliate Pro, here is the correct way to manually code a Clickbank affiliate link so that it will bypass the merchant’s page and take the buyer right to the Clickbank order page – all while crediting you with the sale.

A normal Clickbank link looks like this, where the “xxxxx” is replaced with the affiliate link, and the second part “yyyyy” is the name of the merchant:

The format for the Clickbank affiliate link is changed to the following so that you bypass the merchant page, and instead take your PPC prospects directly to the order page:


  • The product number (usually the 1 but you need to check and see what the merchant is using)
  • xxxxx: Your ClickBank ID (you MUST include the underscore between your ID and the Merchant ID)
  • yyyyy: The Merchant ID

Once you invest in a proper affiliate link cloaker, you can even go one step further and mask your affiliate link using the above format, and still send them direct to the sales page.

Always test and make sure that your affiliate code is going to the checkout page. Your affiliate code should then be at the very bottom of the Clickbank order page.

Also, be sure to check out our tutorial on how to get instant Clickbank sale notofication.

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