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blushing-brideA bride is fuming after semi-nude, wedding-day photographs of her in her underwear popped up on a website.

Sara Bostwick has now filed a lawsuit against her wedding photographer for posting the pictures online.  She says the incident has given her post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Bostwick’s wedding back in September of 2008 was photographed by Christian Oth Studio photographer Carolyn Monastra.  The Long Island bride says she specifically told Monastra not to photograph her putting on her wedding dress.

“Monastra took photographs of plaintiff’s person in her underwear and in various stages of undress anyway,” the lawsuit reads.  The suit has been filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.


About two months after the wedding, Bostwick’s hubbie found the offending photos on the Christian Oth Studio website.

The studio supposedly agreed to remove the photos, but instead left them in place and now requires a special access code to view them.

A spokesperson from Christian Oth Studio had this to say regarding the lawsuit:

“We are surprised and disappointed to learn that Mrs. Bostwick has filed a lawsuit against us in which she claims that we intentionally violated her privacy. We have never posted any images of Mrs. Bostwick on our public website or in any other public venue. Client images, such as Mrs. Bostwick’s, are posted on our proofing website and are always password protected… We believe that the substance of the allegations contained in Mrs. Bostwick’s complaint are completely without merit, we emphatically deny those allegations, and we look forward to having this case dismissed.”

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