Goalie ScoresHoly cow. You certainly don’t see this every day.

The West Brom soccer team traveled across the ocean to California, only to have their goalie one-upped by 21-year-old San Jose Earthquakes goalie David Bingham.

Bingham kicked the ball from the edge of his own box in the third minute of preseason play and the ball actually went into the goal!

West Brom goalkeeper Boaz Myhill, who was facing the setting sun, was left flat-footed while the ball took a big bounce in front of him and sailed into the goal.

San Jose won the match 2-1.

“I didn’t even see it go in,” Bingham said. “I hit it and I knew I overhit it, so I just turned around and walked back. And then everyone started yelling…Sometimes it’s good to be lucky.”

Check it out below.