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Internet Privacy

There is a relatively new website called Spokeo.com that’s causing a flurry of privacy concerns for many Americans.

Spokeo.com is a website collects gobs of personal information on you, including your addresses, your interests, and even your credit scores.  Anyone can then obtain this information by entering your name on the Spokeo.com website.

It’s a fairly new site, but many people are already upset about it and worried about their privacy.

Unlike many other online people search portals, Spokeo.com can piece together data from both online and offline sources, which can add up to quite a lot of data.

So how do you remove your information from Spokeo.com?  Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. First, head over to their website at Spokeo.com.

2. Search for your own name.  You can specify further by adding your city and state if need be.


3. If your search returns your name and address in the results, click on your own name and check out the information page Spokeo.com has listed for you.

4. Next, copy the entire URL at the top of your own information page. The URL is the web address that’s shown up in the address bar of your web browser.  It will begin with http://www.spokeo.com/search…

5. Now, go to this Remove from Spokeo.com link.

6. Paste the URL  you copied from your information page into the space marked “URL” and enter a valid e-mail address. Make sure you use an actual, working e-mail address because you will receive a follow-up message from Spokeo.com with a link to complete the removal.  If you need to, just set up a free Yahoo or Hotmail e-mail account.

7. Now just enter the CAPTCHA code shown on the screen and click the button that says “Remove Listing”.

8. Go to your e-mail and find the message sent by Spokeo.com  and click the removal link in that e-mail.

9. Go back to Spokeo.com ad search for yourself again.  Make sure your info has been removed.

That’s it.  You should now be removed from the Spokeo.com website.  Good luck!

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