Ramses III Throat SlitIt took 3,000 years, but researchers may have finally solved the mystery of how Ramses III died – his throat was slit.

Thanks to newly-discovered documents written on ancient papyrus, scientists now know that the ancient pharaoh’s second wife, Tiya, conspired to assassinate him in order to place her own son, Pentawere, on the royal throne, according to The Inquisitr.

New research performed by Dr. Albert Zink, an anthropologist at the European Academy, would seem to indicate that the attempt on Ramses III’s life was a success. The scientists put the mummified king through a CT scan and, underneath bandages wrapped around his neck, they found a wide laceration, indicating that an assassin had slit the pharaoh’s throat.

“Finally, with this study, we have solved an important mystery in the history of ancient Egypt,” Zink said, according to Reuters.

The report also stated that the team also found an Eye of Horus amulet within the wound.

Ramses III Throat Slit 1

“A Horus eye amulet was also found inside the wound, most probably inserted by the ancient Egyptian embalmers during the mummification process to promote healing,” the report reads. “The neck was covered by a collar of thick linen layers.”

Now THAT’s what we call a cold case…and a job well done!

More in the video below.