spoofcardUPDATE: The Spoofcard iPhone app is now available.

On tonight’s Law & Order: SVU, the detectives showed someone using a site called phonefake.com (or Phone Fake) to fake the caller ID when calling someone else’s phone.

Here’s the bad news…phonefake.com AKA Phone Fake doesn’t exist.  It’s just a parked page full of ads.

Here’s the good news…the site that they used as the basis for tonight’s episode is Spoofcard.  You see, they never use the actual website that they are copying, they usually just change the name around so that they can have that “ripped from the headlines” feel.

Spoofcard does exactly what the show claims that Phone Fake / phonefake.com does.  It will allow you to “spoof” the caller ID when you call someone else’s phone, land line or cell phone, it doesn’t matter.

It works like a charm.  You can plug in any phone number you want and Spoofcard will make it look like THAT phone number is the one calling your recipient’s phone.

You can even change your voice.  With their Caller ID Spoofer and Voice Changer, you can use the ‘male’ or ‘female’ voice distortion to mask your true identity.

It’s an amazing service.

Try SpoofCard for FREE!.

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