Patricia and Joan MillerA pair of 73-year-old twin sisters and former TV stars were found dead in their California home last last month after succumbing to natural causes just moments apart.

The bodies of former 1950s entertainers Patricia and Joan Miller were found in separate rooms of their shared South Lake Tahoe home in February.  Foul play has been ruled out.

After spending a lifetime in show business, the twins spent their final years as recluses who never married, according to police.

Detectives are now searching for their next of kin.

El Dorado County Sheriff’s deputies say they found one of the two sisters in her downstairs bedroom and the other in the hallway outside.

Thus far, police haven’t been able to find living relatives of the two women, despite sifting through their home for information.

One photo showed the duo as young girls sitting on Bing Crosby’s lap.

The two women regularly appeared on the weekly show, The Hoffman Hayride, with their parents “heavily involved in their entertainment business,” according to the sheriff’s office.

Friends say the sisters were dependent upon one another throughout their lives.  Detective Matt Harwood said it was as if the two sisters simply couldn’t live without each other.

“My perception is one died and the other couldn’t handle it,” said the detective. “It appears purely natural, but we are still trying to piece it all together.”

It’s highly unusual for police to release the names of the deceased without first informing their relatives, but the sisters’ secluded lives made that impossible, he added.

“The circumstance surrounding their death is somewhat of an enigma,” he said.