Packers Ex Boyfriend SignAnnie Wagner got even with her boyfriend and has since become a viral sensation.

It seems the Green Bay Packers fan’s boyfriend cheated on her…so she dumped him and decided to let the world know about it at yesterday’s game against the Chicago Bears.

Annie went to the game and the NBC cameras caught her holding a sign that read, “MY CHEATING EX BOYFRIEND IS WATCHING FROM COUCH INSTEAD.”

I would really hate to be this guy. The video clip has been getting some heavy media attention all day, quickly going almost as viral as that incredible front-flip touchdown.

Oh, and Annie knows she’s all but destroyed her ex-boyfriend’s self-esteem. She and her girls are over on Facebook gloating about it now (UPDATE: it looks like maybe this went a little TOO viral…she’s deleted her Facebook account!).

Check it out in the videos and photos below. You go, girl!

Packers Ex Boyfriend Sign 1

Packers Ex Boyfriend Sign 2