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Kids Clothing Ad Naked ManAw, isn’t that cute. Four kids frolicking on the beach.

Wait, what’s that in the background? Is that..could it be…a naked man??

Yes, La Redoute, a popular French clothing company, released a promotional ad for their children’s clothing line the other day.

The ad, posted on the mail-order chain’s official website, showed four kids in colorful beachwear enjoying the water, along with a naked man behind them in the distance for good measure.

The uncensored photo stayed online for almost a whole day, amassing a tremendous amount of views and screen grabs. Finally, the company realized what happened and yanked it down.


“La Redoute apologizes for the photograph published on its site and is taking steps to remove it,” the company quickly posted on Twitter.

They also apologized on Facebook:

“We will strengthen the validation process of all brand communications for this cannot happen again in the future.”

Why bother? I’m sure the amount of press generated by this little mishap pays for itself ten-fold.

Heck, it’s already been turned into a meme.

Naked Guy Pepper Spray Guy Memes

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