Bank of America OWSSomething big is about to go down in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The 99 percent are preparing to Occupy Bank of America‘s corporate headquarters ahead of the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday.

Members of the 99% Power Coalition say they’re expecting close to 1,000 people to arrive in Charlotte to protest B of A’s foreclosure practices and its investment in coal mining.

The organization has organized similar protests outside the shareholder meetings of Wells Fargo and General Electric in recent months, and they’ve drawn hundreds of people. The organizers said they expect Occupy Bank of America to draw the largest crowd of all.

“We see Bank of America as the worst of the worst,” said Amanda Starbuck, director at the environmental advocacy group, Rainforest Action Network. “There’s a lot of momentum around Bank of America.”

The city of Charlotte is said to be beefing up its police presence in a two-block radius surrounding the bank’s headquarters, where the meeting will be held.

Earlier in the year, the city dubbed it an “extraordinary event,” which allows the Charlotte police force to reallocate officers as it sees fit.