President Barack Obama was heckled at a fundraiser yesterday in San Francisco, but not in the way you might think.

Protesters interrupted Obama at a fundraiser yesterday (Thursday) to petition for the freedom of U.S. soldier Bradley Manning, who has been detained ever since he was accused of leaking documents that appeared on the WikiLeaks website.

Obama’s administration has been criticized thus far for Manning’s treatment, although the president says he isn’t being treated poorly as he awaits his trial. Obama was speaking before about 200 people, each of whom paid up to $35,800 for their ticket, when a woman dressed in a white suit stood up and announced that she and nine other people at her table had written a song for him. They then broke into song and handed out flyers petitioning for Manning’s release.

While singing, the woman also removed her jacket to reveal a black t-shirt with Manning picture on it.

“Now, where was I?” the befuddled president said after singing subsided. “There’s an example of creativity.”

Sources indicate that Manning was kept in solitary 23 hours per day and that he was forced to sleep naked while being awakened repeatedly during the night. The Pentagon claims this was done to ensure his well-being.

Just out of curiosity, where was the Secret Service while this musical number was playing out? One agent just seems to be looking on but they don’t seem too concerned. Fortunately, all these people did was sing off key, but it could have been a lot worse.

Video below.