Police LightsSeveral people have been wounded in a shooting at a college in East Oakland, California after a gunman opened fire this morning.

The shooting occurred at Oikos University, a Christian school, at about 10:40 a.m. PDT / 1:40 p.m. EDT.  Police received 911 calls of people running out of the building and screaming.

At this hour, paramedics are carrying people out on stretchers and police warn that the gunman is still at large.

(UPDATE: 7 people have now died)

(UPDATE 2: The shooter has been apprehended)

The gunman has been described by police as a male Asian with heavy build.

The police department, including members of SWAT, are currently taking up positions around the building.

Police officers are now smashing in glass doors with sledgehammers so they can rush the building.

At least five ambulances were on the scene, according to the Oakland Fire Department. Dozens of police cars have been spotted outside the school.

Oikos University offers classes pertaining to religious studies, music, and vocational nursing, with an emphasis on students of Korean descent.