NFL Referee Tony CorrenteWell, you just had to know there would be consequences for Tony Corrente after the NFL referee was caught swearing on live television earlier this month.

On November 4th, during the game between the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts, Corrente left his microphone on with about 5:22 left in the game. ¬†After a brief huddle to discuss a penalty, Corrente was heard exclaiming, “Godd–n it!”

Now, the NFL has fined the referee for one game.

Here is the official statement from the league:

“The fine was issued by NFL vice president of officiating Carl Johnson. In the fourth quarter of the game, Corrente inadvertently left his microphone on during a conference with members of the officiating crew.

“During that conference, Corrente used obscenities that were clearly audible to the network television audience and to the crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium. This conduct is inappropriate for a game official. Corrente has apologized to the Colts organization and we are confident it will not happen again.”

This NFL obscenity fine will cost the referee about $9,000 as he’ll only be missing one game.

If you missed the original incident, be sure to check it out here.