Elvish Weather ForecastAs the release of “The Hobbit” movie draws near, Middle Earth fever is gripping the world.

In director Peter Jackson’s home country of New Zealand, one weatherman took it to the extreme, delivering his entire weather forecast in full Elvish (Sindarin) while wearing Elvish garb.

Hear the extraordinary Elvish language of Sindarin come to life in a summer forecast for the ‘Home of Middle-earth’, New Zealand. Our guest Elvish weather reporter says the sun will shine across the lands — especially over Hobbiton! Sindarin is a language that’s usually kept between Elves and friends of Elves, deciphered from the writings of Professor J.R.R. Tolkien. It is one of several languages created for the peoples of Middle-earth. Come on down! www.newzealand.com

Check it out below.