Phoenix ExplosionNo one knows that it was, but it sure has everyone talking.

Phoenix’s FOX 10 reporter Andrea Robinson was giving her on-air traffic report this morning when an unexplained, bright white explosion flashed in the distance behind her.

The strange blast was caught on film and aired live during Robinson’s report.

At first, employees at the station thought a transformer had blown, but when FOX 10 checked with local utility companies, they were told that nothing unusual had occurred in the area.

Adding a layer of intrigue to the mystery is the fact that the strange flash takes place just days after a strange UFO was filmed by a local Phoenix resident AND it occurs just before the 15th anniversary of one of the most-famous UFO sightings in recent history.

On March 13, 1997, a group of glowing orbs moving in V-formation was spotted in the skies over Phoenix. That incident was also caught on film. The origin of the infamous “Phoenix Lights” has been debated endlessly ever since.

Phoenix officials, meanwhile, remain stumped by the strange light explosion, and FOX 10 is asking the public for assistance in explaining exactly what was caught on film.

Check it out below.  What do you think it was?