Miley Cyrus has an astounding 1,258,557 Twitter followers.  Most of these followers are in the 11-13-year-old-girl category.  This is a traumatic time for many preteens, as many are worried about their complexion as they hit puberty.

Today, Miley sent her acne-obsessed fans rampaging when she suggested a face wash called Sensai Cleanser.  The internet has suddenly exploded with teens craving the product…and that’s just within the first three hours.

Here are Miley Cyrus’ tweets about the “miraculous”
Sensai Cleanser


“gave sensai cleanser to a friend on Friday. They were really broken out, just saw em and the skin is clear and so beautiful!”

“sensai face wash step 1 and 2 has CHANGED my life!”

“a beauty product can change your life! having acne is miserable :( you feel so insecure. :( i am so happy to have found sensai.”

Wow, Miley.  Thanks for sending the preteen universe into a frenzy. You can buy Sensai Cleanser through the link below, if you like. No need to panic….. :-)

Kanebo Sensai Mask 100ml/3.4oz

Kanebo Sensai Cleanser 100ml/3.4oz

A luxurious wake-up cleanser and mask for all skin types Its creamy texture comforts & refreshes stressed tired skin instantly Improves skin clarity while quenching skin in moisture Leaves skin soft smooth supple & translucent Promotes an even & luminous complexion Dermatologist tested To use: Smooth on the face gently massage. Leave on for 3-5 minutes. Then rinse off with water

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