michelle-beisnerIt looks as though the recent flap over the Erin Andrews peephole video has brought out all of the armchair quarterbacks.

Jason Whitlock from Fox Sports says that Deadspin‘s A.J. Daulerio is to blame for this mess by sexually objectifying Erin Andrews.  That may be true.  Whitlock then goes on to say that this incident is just as much a travesty as was the incident back in 2007 when Daulerio brought ESPN‘s Stuart Scott and Michelle Beisner into the limelight.

“I contend — and I’ll explain — that Daulerio’s invasion of Stuart Scott’s and Michelle Beisner’s privacy in 2007 is just as gross and heinous as what happened to Erin Andrews.”

Whitlock goes on:

“But let me refresh your memory once again regarding Deadspin’s original, unpunished sin. At a Super Bowl party Daulerio looked over Stu Scott’s shoulder and read a text message that Scott sent to Beisner at 12:30 a.m. The message simply stated, ‘Lemme know.’

Here’s how Daulerio interpreted the text:

‘Now, obviously, Lemme Know is pretty non-descript. But at 12:30 a.m., in Miami, well, it means “Are you coming out tonight to f— me or what?” Especially given who Scott was texting (I literally read the name right off his phone):

‘Her name is Michelle Beisner, former Denver Broncos cheerleader and aspiring D-list Hollywood actress-type. Blonde. White Woman. Hey, nobody likes to start rumors about Stuart F—ing Scott, but if Michelle Beisner is his booty call, well, BooYa, my friend. Boo F—ing Ya.’

Here is that original Deadspin post, so you can refresh your memory.

OK, so the guys over at Deadspin haven’t been angels.  They’ve even (sort of) apologized for their actions.

Still, is the Michelle Beisner incident even remotely comparable to the Erin Andrews story?  Not even close.

First of all, that text message was taken so far out of context, it isn’t even relevant.  It could have been work related, it could have been about anything.  “Lemme know.”  That’s all we get?  Please.

It is not even in the same ballpark (forgive the pun) as having someone install a peephole camera in your room, videotape you naked, and then splash that footage all over the internet.

How is Erin Andrews even able to go out in public right now?  If I were her, I would be suing everyone under the sun.

Michelle Beisner has never seemed to mind the spotlight…not that that makes the 2007 allegations any less harmful.  She’s even got some publicly sanctioned racy pics floating around on the internet (see below).

To put the Erin Andrews incident in the same league as the 2007 Michelle Beisner text message drama is nothing short of a “personal foul”.

Oh, and you can see more of Erin Andrews here.