Melissa KellermanHer name is Melissa Kellerman.

Kellerman, 22, became a viral hit on Thanksgiving after she was accidentally tackled along the sidelines by Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten.

The South Carolina native is studying to become a teacher.

Melissa posted the perfect tweet to Twitter after her little run-in with Witten:

Melissa Kellerman Tweets

Then, shortly thereafter, her account was deleted.  The question is “why?”

This seemed like a win-win for everyone involved.  Her tweets were cute and innocuous.  Everyone seemed to be rallying around her after she got flattened.

Do the Cowboys not like their cheerleaders getting so much attention?  Does team owner Jerry Jones need to make sure he’s able to cash in on anything Cowboys-related?  If that’s the case, then this was a major fail by the Dallas organization.

A little extra P.R. never hurt anyone.  Dallas Cowboys, you blew it.