Mega MillionsWith such a massive amount of money at stake, it was only a matter of time before the Mega Millions dream became a Mega Millions mess.

Three winners were lucky enough to have winning tickets for the record $656 lottery jackpot. One winner was from Illinois, another from Kansas, and a third from Baltimore – but the situation involving the Maryland winner looks like it could turn into a real legal nightmare.

Mirlande Wilson, 37, told the New York Post that she has no intention of sharing her $105 million piece of the pie with her McDonald’s co-workers, even thought they allegedly pooled their money to buy Mega Millions tickets. Wilson swears she purchased the winning ticket on her own.

“We had a group plan, but I went and played by myself. [The ‘winning’ ticket] wasn’t on the group plan,” said Wilson.

“I was in the group, but this was separate. The winning ticket was a separate ticket,” said the single mom of seven.

Mega Millions Mess Mirlande Wilson“I don’t know if I won. Some of the numbers were familiar. I recognized some of [them],” she said. “I don’t know why” people are saying differently. “I’m going to go to the lottery office [today]. I bought some tickets separately.”

While she has yet to show anyone her “winning” ticket, she could claim a lump sum of $105 million or $5.56 million per year for 26 years if she is indeed a winner.

The winning Mega Millions numbers for the record-breaking jackpot were: 2, 4, 23, 38 and 46, and the Mega Ball 23.

If Mirlande Wilson did buy the Mega Millions ticket with her co-workers at McDonald’s, she’s in for a heck of a mess.

“She can’t do this to us!” said Suleiman Osman Husein, a shift manager who was one of 15 members in the ticket-buying pool. “We each paid $5. She took everybody’s money!”

Another man, who is the boyfriend of one of the McDonald’s employees, said Wilson bought the golden ticket for the group at the 7-Eleven in Millford Mill, where it has been confirmed that the winning ticket was sold.

Mega Millions Mess Davon Wilson Suleiman Osman HuseinAfter her shift on Friday, Mirlande Wilson supposedly went to the 7-Eleven to buy some Mega Millions tickets for the pool with $5 she got from the owner of the McDonald’s, Birul Desai. Wilson denies this, though. She claims she then bought a second batch of tickets for herself with a friend and that the lucky ticket was among that group.

When Wilson told her co-workers that she’s struck it rich, they were stunned.

One man, who was identified only as Allen, said he went to Wilson’s house personally to caution her against not sharing her piece of the $656 million jackpot.

“These people are going to kill you. It’s not worth your life!” Allen said he told Wilson after knocking on her front door for about 20 minutes. “All right! All right! I’ll share, but I can’t find the ticket right now,” she finally said, according to Allen.

Mirlande Wilson has not yet been officially confirmed as a Mega Millions winner. Lottery spokeswoman Carole Everett said today that no one yet had come forward with the Maryland winning ticket.

The winners in Illinois and Kansas have not yet come forward either, although it is known that the winning ticket in Illinois was sold at a convenience store in the small town of Red Bud.

Should Mirlande Wilson share her winnings with the rest of her co-workers?  Either way, this case looks like it’s going to be one heck of a Mega Millions mess!