McCarthy Kisses BieberThis was a moment that Justin Bieber won’t soon forget.

Last night at the 2012 American Music Awards, former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy presented the award for “Best Pop/Rock Album” to teen idol Justin Bieber.

While she was on stage with him, McCarthy, 40, planted a huge kiss on the newly single pop star’s neck and grabbed his “delicious” rear end!

McCarthy would later say that Bieber’s backside was “so little. I wanted to tear his head off and eat it!”

She later added, “I did grab his butt. I couldn’t help it. He was just so delicious.”

Bieber, who also won AMAs for “Artist of the Year” and “Best Pop/Rock Male Artist,” jokingly responded to McCarthy’s surprise attack, saying, “Wow. I feel violated right now!”

McCarthy Kisses Bieber 1

Indeed, Justin.  Indeed.  Consider yourself lucky.

Check out the frisky business below.