MantyhoseAre men ready to embrace their own form of pantyhose?

Upscale Florentine hosiery purveyor Emilio Cavallini is at the forefront of what it says is the next big thin in fashion: Male pantyhose, or “mantyhose.” Yes, “mantyhose.”

The fad has already caught on in Europe, apparently, and it’s ready to make a giant leap across the pond.

Mantyhose – stockings that are specifically designed and marketed to men – are growing in popularity. Often times, they’re worn by men who work outside to shield them from the cold. They also serve as a compression tool for those with circulatory problems and revitalize muscles if you’re standing on your feet all day.

There’s even an online community of mantyhose enthusiasts, and many congregate at the site Its founder, Chan Kraemer, writes in a post, “We believe that pantyhose for men can be an everyday clothing item, and that it can be fashionable as well.”

Cavallini’s mantyhose are actually unisex, but they come in a variety of more masculine patterns, like skulls, checks, stars, and horizontal stripes. The biggest seller, though, is basic black…and most men wear it like they’d wear long underwear.

The fabric is different, too, with “greater elasticity and stretch as well as breathability, which is important since men perspire much more than women do,” says Cavallini. They fit both sexes just as well in the crotch. “If it’s fine for Italian guys, it’s fine for the world.”

So what do you say, guys?  Ready to try on some “mantyhose?”

Mantyhose 1