Demias JimersonAt the age of just 11-years-old, little Demias Jimerson reminds many of Razorback great Madre Hill.

“If you were looking at them you would say they were very much similar,” says Darryl Baker, who coached Hill and now referees most of Jimerson’s football games. “I mean they both run really fast, good kids, run with the same style.”

Like Jimerson, Hill attended Wilson Intermediate School and was so dominating on the gridiron, the league invoked what came to be known as the “Madre Hill Rule”. Once Hill scored three touchdowns, if his team was up by 14 points of more, officials would bar him from scoring any more TDs.

Now, the Wilson Intermediate Football League is once again using the Madre Hill rule to keep Demias Jimerson from running up the score.

“I got, kinda’ got shocked because I didn’t know that was gonna happen, but it did,” said Jimerson. Adding, “I’m ok with it.”

Principal Terri Bryant, who runs the league, says the Madre Hill Rule isn’t meant to punish Jimerson. It’s there to help the other fifth and sixth graders develop.

“The other players on both teams, 21 are just left sort of, this is all Demias,” she said. “So that’s why the Madre Hill Rule has been implemented.”

Still, the Madre Hill Rule only applies to fifth- and sixth-graders. Next year, Demias Jimerson will be in seventh grade.

“I’m gonna’ run hard and bring our team to victory,” said Jimerson. Then he added, “but God always comes first, before anything, and grades second.”

God, grades, then touchdowns, Madre Hill Rule or not.

Jimerson played in a few games this season before the Wilson League invoked the Madre Hill Rule. In one of those games, he scored seven touchdowns.

Jimerson’s team is undefeated.

Check out more in the video below.