Welcome to the 2010 Dirtbag of the Year awards.  Today, we present another fine candidate who is more than qualified to win this prestigious title.

Lynn France was afraid that her husband was having an affair.  Imagine her shock & awe when she learned that, not only were her suspicions correct, but also that her husband had actually married another woman!  How did she find out?  Via a simple Facebook search.

France found a bunch of wedding pictures after entering the name of the woman with whom she thought her husband was involved.

“I was numb with shock, to tell you the truth,” says France, an occupational therapist from Ohio.

“There was like an album of 200 pictures on there. Their whole wedding.”

Her husband had married his new bride at Walt Disney World, with John France dressed as Prince Charming and his new wife was dressed as Sleeping Beauty.

France, 41, made the startling discovery back in January 2009.

In the months prior, John has started taking more frequent business trips.  He even had to go out of town the day their newborn son came home from the hospital.

Lynn even found John’s passport at home when he supposed to have been on a business trip in China.

Once, in October, before he left for another trip, John left a website for a hotel up on their computer screen.

“So I actually went there with a girlfriend, just to see for myself for sure,” France said.

“He was there with this girlfriend. I said, ‘Hey, I’m his wife. We’ve got a baby’.”

That’s when the woman informed Lynn that she was engaged to France’s husband.

John promised he wouldn’t go through with the wedding.  Once she saw that he had done it, she started the divorce proceedings.

In June 2009, Lynn halted the divorce proceedings when John persuaded her to reconcile.

“I just wanted to believe the good when he came to me and said, ‘Let’s reconcile, I love you’,” she said. “You want to give somebody a second chance.”

Then, three months ago, John France took her children and left her, and she hasn’t seen her sons since.  They are now reportedly living in Florida with his new wife.

John wants custody of the boys.  The only way Lynn can see them is in pictures on Facebook.