Little Mermaid SurgeryIs nothing sacred?

As if it weren’t bad that ninety nine percent of all celebrities undergo plastic surgery these days, now animated Disney stars are going under the knife too.

A Venezuelan plastic surgery center is taking on some serious flak for running a series of billboard ads showing various fairy tale characters undergoing plastic surgery.

While a couple of the ads featsure some pretty generic characters (a witch, a frog, etc.), one of them is clearly modeled after Ariel, the “Little Mermaid.”

After going under the knife, Ariel boasts a pair of legs and a nicely-enhanced pair of breasts.

Some are obviously worried about the image and what it will say to girls and young women.

What do you think? Do these ads cross the line?

Little Mermaid Surgery 01

Little Mermaid Surgery 02 Witch

Little Mermaid Surgery 03 Frog