Steve JobsStill not where you want to be in your career?  Maybe your name is to blame.

LinkedIn has just revealed the most common CEO names, as well as other popular names in various fields. Of the more than 100 million users on the site, the most common names of male and female CEOs are Peter and Deborah. The names Jack, Bruce, Sally, and Debra are also common leader names in the United States.

After looking at users’ professional data, the LinkedIn team found the most popular CEO names (for males anyway) consisted of shorter versions of names called hypocorisms. For example, instead of someone going by “Robert”, he may just go by “Bob”. This may result from the tendency for men to be more likely to project an easy-going personality with their names, according to the summary.

Women, however, usually keep the longer version of their names, perhaps because they perceive that shortening it may hurt their chances of being taken seriously.

Top CEO Names on LinkedIn:


1. Peter
2. Bob
3. Jack
4. Bruce
5. Fred


1. Deborah
2. Sally
3. Debra
4. Cynthia
5. Carolyn

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