UPDATE: The assailant has been sentenced to a mental institution indefinitely.  See details here.

Singer Leona Lewis was slapped and punched by a fan while conducting a book signing of her autobiography, Dreams, at a bookstore in London on Wednesday.

Lewis had been busy signing autographs for fans at the bookstore for approximately 90 minutes when “a guy came up and punched her to the side of the head,” her spokesman said.

Lewis, 24, didn’t need to go to the hospital but she was “understandably badly shaken.”

One eyewitness says, “he walked up there with the book, she signed it and, as she looked up, he just punched her.”

“She was running out with her hand over her eye,” the eyewitness adds, “and I just saw a man on the floor.”

Waterstone’s bookstore has issued a statement regarding the incident, stating that they would support any police investigation and thanking Lewis for her professionalism.

Lewis’ sophomore album, Echo, is due out on November 17th.

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