Carrie Prejean had a meltdown on Tuesday night and threatened to walk off the Larry King Live show, right in the middle of her interview with Larry King.

King began asking Prejean about the reasons behind her lawsuit settlement with the Miss California USA pageant. King asked why she agreed to settle with the Pageant and drop her suit.

“Why settle since you had a fight to carry on?” King asked.  Prejean didn’t respond.

King then asked a second time: “You can’t even say why you settled?”

Prejean became agitated and responded: “Larry, it’s completely confidential and you’re being inappropriate.”

Of course, the issue here is that Prejean allegedly settled because a lawyer for the Pageant showed her a home-made sextape of the then 17-year-old Prejean putting on a solo show.  How this isn’t blackmail, we’re still not sure.

Larry King eventually moves on a tried to take a phone call from a viewer, but the damage has already been done.

Watch it unfold below:

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