Lana Del Ray TransformsJust in time for the Fourth of July, Lana Del Rey has just released an epic new video for her track “National Anthem.”

The nearly 8-minute video, which also features rising rapper A$AP Rocky portraying John F. Kennedy, starts out with Lana channeling Marilyn Monroe by singing “Happy Birthday” to president A$AP, a la that infamous 1962 fundraiser.

From there, Lana Del Rey enters Jackie Kennedy mode as she and the president shoot some dice at a yacht party.

Finally, the love story comes to an end as we see the 1963 JFK assassination in Dallas play out before our very eyes.

This is one of the most visually stunning and compelling music videos we’ve seen in a long time.

Check it out for yourself below. What do you think of “National Anthem?”

Lana Del Ray Transforms 1