Do you want to have great, big eyes, just like Lady Gaga in her “Bad Romance” video?  Not so fast.

The video is sparking a wave of interest in so-called circle contacts, or the circle lens.

These special contacts cover more than just the pupils to include the whites of the eyes, which makes them look bigger. Thing is, they’re illegal here in the U.S., which means that business is booming on the internet.

Lady Gaga didn’t actually wear any contacts in the “Bad Romance” video. This special effect was created using a special computer.

The American Optometric Association warns that “consumers who purchase lenses without a prescription or without consultation from an eye doctor put themselves at risk of serious bacterial infection, or even significant damage to the eye’s ability to function, with the potential for irreversible sight loss.”

Other fun potential risks include: conjunctivitis (“pink eye”), allergic reaction, reduction of sight, contrast sensitivity and other general eye and vision impairments.

Get this…Lady Gaga’s eyes aren’t the only attention-grabbing things in the “Bad Romance” video.  She also dons a pair of sports glasses made out of of razor blades.

“I wanted to design a pair for some of the toughest chicks and some of my girlfriends — don’t do this at home! — they used to keep razor blades in the side of their mouths,” Gaga said last year.