Kube X15Have you ever wanted to get off the grid and create your own power? Now you can, thanks to the Kube X15 Mini Nuke.

At least that’s what Tiger Direct was claiming yesterday. If only it hadn’t been April Fools Day.

The popular consumer electronics retailer featured an ad for the “World’s First Home Mini-Nuclear Generator,” and it quickly went viral.

“If you’ve been reading the online alternative press on the web, you’ve heard that this device actually exists,” the ad read.

According to Tiger Direct, the Kube X15 is an “amazing breakthrough” designed by Rektor Siegle as a mini-reactor than can “generate 1000KHGz of power, endlessly.”

“Of course, this amazing breakthrough will disrupt markets around the world. Especially in the Middle East. Thus the secrecy of this message,” the ad read.

The Kube X15 is said to be able to “power an entire city for 50 years” about the size of Dayton, Ohio and is designed for personal use with “small amounts of hybridized plutonium…safe enough for home.”

“In the event of catastrophic failure of the device, you’re only exposed to about as much radiation as you’d get sitting on the beach for 4 hours,” Tiger Direct wrote. “Now, the KUBE X15 is undergoing federal approval and is expected to be available in the fall.”

Tiger Direct said it eventually become the top seller of the Kube X15, although it hasn’t yet been officially approved by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commissin (UNSRC).

“[The USNRC] wouldn’t even take our calls or return a damn e-mail! But we think they’d have no problem with the KUBE,” the ad said.

Kube X15 1

They even went for a joke that was just a little over-the-top…

“This item cannot be sold outside the United States. Trade with Iran, North Korea, Cuba strictly prohibited,” the ad read. “Price of Plutonium may vary, based on world markets and political situations.”

Fortunately, most of the commenters seem to realize that this was a prank of epic proportions, with some saying things like:

“I bought one of these things, and it was GREAT. I never had to worry about power going again! There’s just a small drawback… whenever I get angry I seem to black out and wake up wearing torn purple pants.”

“Hey, Doc Brown stole my Plutonium… Can you send me another tube.. Please…”

Check out the full ad for the Kube X15 Mini Nuke here.