Koran Burning Day Terry Jones

Pastor Terry Jones says that his Dove World Outreach Center will carry on with its plans to hold a Koran Burning Day on 9/11, despite warnings from the U.S. military’s top official in Afghanistan.

General David Petraeus said earlier today that the Koran burning could put U.S. troops in danger and threaten the safety of Americans around the world. He says that images of the Koran burning could be used by Islamic radicals to initiate further acts of violence.

Jones, however, says that his church plans to carry on.

“We plan to continue,” Jones said. “We understand the generals concerns, we are taking those into consideration. We feel it’s maybe the right time for America to stand up. How long are we going to bow down? How long are we going to be controlled, by the terrorists, by radical Islam? We feel it’s time for the church to stand up.”

Yes, because that’s what Christianity is all about, right?  Standing up and burning what is essentially the Bible of another religion.  Let’s instigate some more violence.  I’m sure that’s what Jesus would do if He were still here.  Forget all that “turn the other cheek” nonsense.

For some reason, Jones also stated that other churches “across the country” have indicated they would support his, although he declined to name them (go figure).

The church already received several messages condemning the planned Koran burning, including threats against Pastor Jones himself and other members of his church. Law enforcement is taking those threats seriously.

If anything happens, Pastor Jones will be more than happy to pass the buck.

“We will not be responsible,” Jones said. “We are only reacting to the violence that is already there in that religion.”

Oh yes, don’t forget that Pastor Jones has written a book entitled, “Islam Is of the Devil”.

More intolerance in the video below.

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