Killer BeesThe killer bees are back and they’re pissed off.  The bees attacked several animals at a farm in Bisbee, Arizona, killing a 1,000-pound hog.

Al Signori shot video footage of the attack and says it’s one of the worst he’s ever seen.

Signori was with Reed Booth, a local man known as “The Bee Killer”, responding to the call of a huge killer bee hive found in a farm belonging to Jane Hewitt.

The hive weighed about 200 pounds and was home to more than a quarter of a million Africanized killer bees.

First, the bees attacked the animals, then they attacked the farmers who were trying to move the farm animals to safety.

Hewitt was stung several times on her face and arms.

“I jumped into a car but the passenger side window was down, and they came in a black cloud towards me. I tried to swat at them and get them out the drivers side window.”

Hewitt said at least three bees went into her ears.

“This hand that did the swatting was so swollen up, it looked like I had been boxing without gloves,” said Hewitt.

Booth said he’s responded to several killer bee attacks this year, and they seem to be getting worse.

“I do most of the Africanized bee eradications for the sheriff’s department, the fire department, and the border patrol. They’re much ornier this year for some reason. This is the worst I’ve seen in ten years,” said Booth.

One hog was killed, another 800-pound pregnant sow suffered extensive injuries and went into a coma. She also lost all of her babies.

Anyone who finds a killer bee hive on their property should contact an expert. Trying to remove it yourself could be deadly.

More in the video below.