Matt Lauer Kanye West

Kanye West really seems to be going off the deep end these days.  During a taped appearance on the Today show on Tuesday, West went off on the show’s producers for rolling clips of George W. Bush and Taylor Swift as he was being interviewed by host Matt Lauer.

During the segment, Lauer asked Kanye to look at Bush’s face as the former president discussed West’s post-Katrina comment that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

“I didn’t need you guys to play the tape in order to prompt my emotion to what I’m going to say,” West said.

Things continued to go downhill when Lauer asked Kanye about his MTV interruption of Taylor Swift, as the producers ran the infamous clip in the background, as is customary during media interviews.

“Yo, how am I supposed to talk if you’re going to run the thing in the middle while I’m talking?” West said. “Please don’t let that happen again. It’s, like, ridiculous.”

Where West really shot himself in the foot, though, was when he announced on Thursday that, as a result of his frustration with the show, he was going to scrub his Black Friday Today performance scheduled for November 26, the week of the release of his new album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.

Furthermore, the damage-control media trainer Kanye West hired to help prep him for the Today interview resigned after the facepalm-inducing incident.

Kanye really blew a big opportunity to promote his new album because he felt “slighted” by what is a standard media practice.  Nice move.

Video below.