Looks like 4Chan is up to its old tricks, this time putting teen sensation Justin Bieber in its crosshairs once again.  You see, it was just last month that the popular internet sharing board helped to spread a rumor that Bieber had syphilis.

Now, the ever popular /b/ board has hijacked the Justin Bieber My World Tour Contest, in which countries can vote for him to come and tour there.

It looks like 4Chan has rigged the voting such that North Korea won by about 30,000 votes.  Should be interesting given that most people in North Korea have probably never even heard of Bieber Fever.

Western music is also banned in North Korea so the teen idol’s management team will most likely end up ignoring the voting results.

I probably shouldn’t be this amused by what has transpired here but, on some level, it’s fascinating to see what can happen when people come together and organize their efforts, no matter how silly or trivial the results may be.