Juan James Rodriguez Streaking

President Barack Obama had quite an unusual day yesterday during his rally in Philadelphia. Not only did the President have a book thrown at him by an on-looker, but he also got to see a streaker.

Juan James Rodriguez will be paid $1 million for his nude run, if billionaire Alki David is an honest man.  David had promised to pay the money as long as the streaker wrote the name of his website “Battlecam” across his or her chest.

Also, the streaker must have been within “eye-shot and ear shot of the president, they have to scream the name ‘battlecam.com‘ six times, and they have to be nude,” said David of the stunt.

It’s interesting to note that Glen Zolar, a moderator on the BatlleCam website, and known public prankster Joey Bassolino (A.K.A. Joey Boots) were also involved in the streaking plot.

Battlecam.com broadcasts live-streaming videos from people around the globe. Viewers vote on the videos and successful video-streamers are given priority, while unpopular video-streamers are banned.

Check out the video below for more.