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For some bizarre reason, Jessi Slaughter is still allowed to chat on the internet.

In her latest appearance, she can be heard arguing with her father while a friend records the whole session on Tinychat.

You can clearly hear Jessi get bitch-slapped at the 1:01 mark in the video below. This raises several questions.

A) Why is little Jessi Slaughter still allowed to chat on the internet after all the grief that has been caused by her recent behavior?

B) Why is her father, Gene Leonhardt, dropping the F-Bomb around an 11-year-old? Who speaks to their child this way?

C) Is he this abusive all the time? If so, someone needs to jump in and do something here to protect this poor girl, as it’s now painfully obvious that her parents cannot.

You can check out the video below. And so the saga continues…

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