JCP Ad Offends MomsIt’s been a while since One Million Moms made a stink about something so I guess Ellen DeGeneres was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yup, the group of mom activists is opposing a new JC Penney ad featuring Ellen and a bunch of elves talking in a diner – because, let’s face it, what’s more offensive than that?

One Million Moms posted the following message to their official website (and it’s since been taken down):

Since April, JC Penney’s has not aired Ellen DeGeneres in one of their commercials until now. A new JCP ad features Ellen and three elves. JCP has made their choice to offend a huge majority of their customers again. Christians must now vote with their wallets. We have contacted JC Penney’s several times in the past with our concerns, and they will not listen. They have decided to ignore our complaints so we will avoid them at all costs.

Yes, they are basically saying that the commercial is offensive because Ellen is gay.

Dear OMM, this is 2012. Get over it.

The group may have finally seen the light, as they appear to be backing off their stance. The message above has been deleted from their website and a spokeswoman was quoted as saying, “We’re not taking action, we’re moving on.”

Now that’s the best Christmas gift we could have hoped for.

Check out the Ellen JCP ad below. What do YOU think?  Is it offensive?